14kt. white gold.  Gems:  Peruvian opals, river stone jasper, freshwater pearls, and whiskey quartz.  Approximate length is 18.”
14kt. white gold.  Gems:  Peruvian opals, river stone jasper, freshwater pearls, and whiskey quartz.  Approximate length is 18.”
Chart of necklace lengths.  Many of us find it hard to translate the length of a necklace seen online into an actual look.  While individual proportions impact a look, I hope this chart helps.  Click on the product description to see how this necklace might look.

Peruvian Opal, Jasper, Pearl, and Gold Necklace

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Peruvian opal, jasper, pearl, and gold come together to create "Sky Mountain."  Whiskey quartz sparkles on our vanilla bean clasp to further enhance the opals. 

My pieces speak softly to me from the second I see a gem.  A chorus intensifies as a piece begins to emerge.  Then the name you see expresses the vision as everything comes together.  I hope the names help you to hear the chorus and experience the wonderful world around us.   

 "Sky Mountain" draws it's energy from the Peruvian opals.  They come from remote sections of the Patagonian Andes.  A special place for adventures.  


  • 14kt white gold.
  • White Orchid Studio’s vanilla bean clasp.  
  • Gems:  peruvian opal, jasper, pearls, and whiskey quartz.
  • Approximate length:  18”
  • Style Number: 14ktwgskymountain.n18


Why do White Orchid Studio clasps mimic the plant vanilla?  Because vanilla is considered a white orchid. It is the essential flavoring in baking custard, cookies, cakes, etc…

If the aroma and taste of vanilla invoke great memories, I hope those memories transfer to our luscious White Orchid Studio pieces.   


Experience a deeper dive into opals.  Visit my blog: Opals: Fire and Ice.


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