White Orchid Studio celebrates all my wonderful customers. I know you are unique, strong, sensitive, sensual, you love endless beauty.

The White Orchid Journey

If my collections look different, it's because I'm not a typical jewelry designer. My journey leading to White Orchid Studio began early. I didn't know it at the time, but creative women in my family established the foundation for this Studio. From childhood my elders taught me to create fine clothing: versatile pieces that could go from functional, yet sensual tops to wear with jeans; to timeless and couture work clothes; to coats of the softest plaid mohair; to evening wear constructed from 300 yards of lace and beads.

My elders also taught me to search for value. To this day shopping comes naturally. Function and fun combined as family outings stretched across three southern states. Each season we searched for the lowest prices for exquisite fabrics. You benefit now as I gleefully search the world for fabulous gems at the best prices.

To insure every garment came together perfectly, I started with precise construction beginning with creating and cutting patterns. Then with intense concentration, I stitched through all the tiny details. All that transfers to construction for White Orchid Studio pieces. Styling also translates. Just like any stylist today, I learned to harmonize color, clothing forms and body shapes. As a result, most current product descriptions offer simple styling tips.

*My 50 year journey as a conflict consultant, helps me collaborate with you to translate your passion for a potential piece into your dream. Effective conflict work requires careful listening. I listen to you carefully as you describe your dreams for a piece. Listening and customer service are strands of my DNA. Listening is a form of soft power. If you want lasting change, say a customer who adores what you provide, communicating with soft power is important.

Crafted with Passion

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Unique people have preferences. So, White Orchid Studio offers two collections to help you shop for styles and prices that make you happy.

Do rare, refined accessories appeal to you? Look no further than The Black Orchid Collection. Why the name? Orchids lack the gene to express the color black, so they don't exist except through intense hybridization. This collection is equally special. Pieces feature gold, south sea pearls, Akoya pearls, and gems in ways that tickle your sense of your strength and elegance. As you look through the collection, let me know if you would like to customize a piece just for you.


If you crave earthy looks with lots of detail, visit The White Orchid Collection. White is a standard color for orchids. Also, fine gardens and fabrics use white to pop other colors. By using pearls, my designs mimic these wonderful color displays. This collection relies on sterling silver, and specializes in layered necklaces that combine gems in unexpected ways. My goal is to create detailed tapestries with gems. As you look through the collection, let me know if you would like to customize a piece just for you.



Translate the colors and textures seen in fashion, nature, and especially orchids into White Orchid Studio creations.

Insure everything I create is finished perfectly.

Offer accessories that make people look fabulous.

Listen to you so you experience joyful service.

Listen to you so you experience joyful service.

Donate Studio profits to nonprofit programs that help people living the Athens Clarke community.




Athens, Ga is an extraordinary community. But, poverty crushes many families. When starting White Orchid Studio, I vowed to give back to the nonprofits that struggle to help those families. With the assistance of an excellent community foundation, all White Orchid Studio profits help support the most effective of those organizations (e.g., a low-income housing cooperative, mental health and women's health services, a diaper bank, and an assisted living facility that supports residents who have run out of money). By working through a community foundation, when I am gone, support continues.

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Peggy Herrman: CEO and Creative Director

White Orchid Studio (an independent, woman owned business)