14kt rose gold ribbon, set with 16 rose diamonds (approx .11 cts) on a black spinel cube.
3 colors of 14kt gold ribbon: white set with black diamonds, rose set with rose diamonds, and yellow set with Champagne diamonds.  Sixteen diamonds (approx .11 cts ) sparkle on each charm.  The gift box is a black spinel cube.
14kt rose gold ribbon, set with 16 rose diamonds (approx .11 cts) on a black spinel cube.
14kt rose gold ribbon, set with 16 rose diamonds (approx .11 cts) on a black spinel cube.
Chart of necklace lengths. Many of us find it hard to translate the length of a necklace seen online into an actual look. While individual proportions impact a look, I hope this chart helps. Click on the product description to see how this necklace might look.

Rose Gold, Rose Diamonds, and Black Spinel Charm

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Speak your unspoken emotions with grace through White Orchid Studio’s enchanting "For Love" charm.  When words fail, this exquisite charm gently whispers: "I love you. I am grateful."

Choose from 3 combinations of gold and diamonds, “For Love" begins with a wonderful black spinel gift box.  Then I wrap the gift box with a beautiful gold ribbon in one of 3 colors of gold.  To add sparkling passion each ribbon is set with coordinating colors of diamonds.

Picture 2 showcases the elegance of "For Love" in its three colors of gold ribbon and diamonds.  

  • The rose gold ribbon, enhanced with rose diamonds, is priced on this page.  
  • The white gold ribbon, embellished with black diamonds, has its own dedicated page with pricing. and
  • The yellow ribbon, adorned with Champagne diamonds, is featured on its exclusive page with pricing.  
  • Shop one color combination of gold ribbon and diamonds or buy all three versions to tuck away for future gifts.


  • 14kt rose gold ribbon
  • Gems:  a black spinel cube, set with 16 rose diamonds (approx .11 cts)
  • Functioning bails allow you to attach charms to necklaces or bracelets.
  • Please note: the price is for the charm only; chains sold separately.
  • Box chains display charms and pendants beautifully. 
  • Style Number: 14ktrg8x8diamgold

Wear charms solo or in multiples on 1 chain.  Layer charms using multiple chains or combine with gem necklaces.  Build a personal charm bracelet that tells your story.   



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