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Peggy Herrman

I can't remember ever being bored. My parents and grandparents instilled a love of learning and creativity as foundational to a good life.  Their passion for nature, gardening and sewing immersed me in color. Excited conversations and problem solving taught me the fine art of designs that catch the mind's eye by layering textures, selection of color to evoke emotions, and color echoing to create experiences of movement and coherence.

My mother, a second-generation master seamstress, sewed couture designs with fine fabrics. She taught me.  We lived in the Southern United States when the south was an international hub of fabric production.  By traveling back roads, often going directly to factories, we scored fabulous finds. These excursions taught me the joys of the hunt, for the finest weaves and natural fibers and now gems

My life changed in college. I took a sociology class from a professor who both researched the civil rights movement and mentored key leaders, teaching them confrontational tactics and problem-solving tools.  My professor became my mentor, teaching me how to help people in conflict.  Even after 50 years, I love this calling and attribute my ability to focus, listen and observe details, plan effective strategy, and staying steady in the face of setbacks as critical to the success of White Orchid Studio.

Designing couture jewelry consolidates my skills and sensitivities.  As Gini got to know my art, she noted that my approach and designs were unique.  Few people create complex repeat patterns with gemstone strands.  She suggested we design and commission signature findings based on a white orchid motif.  Vanilla (a white orchid) and vanilla beans are now that motif. You will see the beans in our signature clasps, pendant baskets and bails, and bead caps.  Every White Orchid Studio design is intentional, our way of celebrating nature and the world of couture design.


Peggy Herrman: CEO, owner, and principal designer.

Gini Addington: (GIA) gemologist and jeweler.


Gini Addington

Gini Addinton, a 3rd generation jeweler, who loves creative dirty-hands work: polishing, stringing, designing, and perfecting. In addition to working every aspect of her family's business, Gini apprenticed under a jeweler to the king's court in Austria.  She also mastered every course offered by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in gemology, jewelry insurance appraisal, and forensic gemology.

Gini is living her dream of applying her knowledge, skill, and experience in a creative, peaceful atmosphere.  She partnered with Peggy to develop White Orchid Studio.  Gini and Peggy share a vision of bringing extraordinary jewelry designs to life, designs that celebrate natural, yet complex elements of beautiful gems and precious metals.


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