A few words from new owners of White Orchid Studio jewelry...

”I ordered a White Orchid piece for my wife as part of our anniversary. Excellent design and craftsmanship, and a fair price. Peggy of  White Orchid Studio sails through the acid test of “would you buy from her again?” - yes, yes, for sure. Good customer service, and wife is very happy with my purchase. Thanks Peggy” - Charles

”Stunning! Already received complements on my earrings during a zoom call : ) Came in a lovely box as well! Thank you!” - Amanda

"I love the necklace. It’s gorgeous. A work of art. I’m proud to be its owner." - Kerstin

"I’ve seen the White Orchid collection, and I am truly impressed, even moved by the combination of design, gems and precious metals used to create these beauties. Each time I see a new artistic item, I want to add it to my jewelry collection. Each piece is an original and worthy of adding to your collection." - Carolyn

"Nobody does pearls like White Orchid Studio." - Melissa

"I would like to share my experience while wearing my sapphire and prasiolite necklace to a wedding at Martha’s Vineyard. Exquisitely detailed and crafted with precision, it softly glowed in the coastal light and looked prefect on my silk dress." - Carol

"I was spending a casual day with my family, wearing blue jeans. My granddaughter insisted I wear my White Orchid Studio earrings. I loved the feeling. Now I know how versatile they are." - Susan

"My parents bought me a pair of White Orchid Studio earrings of gold, hessonite garnet, and pearl. I love wearing them with a cream-colored sweater that has accents of the same beautiful russet as the garnet. Everything shines. Thank you White Orchid Studio!" - Eva

"...the piece was an unmitigated success. My wife loves it. Thank you very much for all the help in the process." - David

"Honestly the best pearl earrings on this site for the price. Great people to work with, very helpful and honest . I recommend them highly. Their work is truly art." - Alex