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Gini grew up in a traditional, family jewelry store and is a third-generation jeweler specializing in gems and quality assurance. Peggy supported herself through college selling high-end retail, then built a conflict consultancy focusing on the needs of her clients. So, a passion for helping people realize their dreams for bespoke jewelry is a part of the White Orchid Studio DNA. 

We both fear that a dogged push to sell has replaced the value of service, especially in this atmosphere of economic uncertainty.  It is so much easier to provide customer service from a store on main street, so we constantly explore how White Orchid Studio helps you from this online space. We try to help in quiet ways by:

  • Being transparent about our construction and the components we use in every piece. We only use only precious metals (gold and silver). We never cover base metals like brass with something that shines for a short while.

    Our Studio also carefully chooses the gems used in creating pieces you see. If you ask, we will even tell you where a gem is mined and if it has been treated.  Our gem cutter is a dear friend who shares our passion for quality as well as transparency.
  • Delighting in offering unique pieces that hold value. Both our “look” and an eye to creating lasting value are on our minds when we create anything.  Unsolicited, a high fashion agent described our pieces as timeless and exciting (and yes, when the call ended, we cried in gratitude.) Major fashion magazines have found us and are reaching out. As of September, look for White Orchid Studio in print and digital media. Such recognition helps affirm "value" for the Studio and for you.

  • Treasuring collaboration. We love to collaborate to create or fine tune designs that meet your needs.  While we can't dismantle existing pieces, we delight in creating personally meaningful pieces.  For example, a customer craved our Sky Mountain necklace see https://whiteorchidfinejewelry.com/collections/black-orchid-necklaces/products/sky-mountainBut the price exceeded the budget, and the customer asked for help. 

    The design you see comes together with our artisan clasp in white gold with melee.  At present gold sells for over $2,000 a troy ounce.  So, no mystery why the existing necklace is priced as it is.  We gladly offered to create a new version using a sterling silver clasp of the same design.  Sterling currently sells for about $24 per troy ounce.  Any guess what happened to the cost of the necklace?  All you have to do is ask.  Email me @ peggy@whiteorchidfinejewelry.com or DM me on our social media pages.  The term bespoke describes our approach. We create just for you whenever possible.  In those rare instances we can’t meet your needs, we happily refer you to resources that might work better. 

  • Building and retaining your trust is important to us. To illustrate the connection between trust and service, I recently called an online grocery site. I had messed up by ordering a product I did not want. The store representative listened patiently to my confession then said: “Don’t worry.  Sending you a refund now.  Just give what you don’t want to someone who needs it.” I was loyal before. Now, I adore the company.  White Orchid Studio seeks your adoration.  😊
  • Cherishing your humanity, including those "oops!" situations we all prefer to avoid. Did you spray a strand of pearls with hair spray? Did a gem bracelet make it into the shower? Did a fragile wire get caught on a latch and break?  Let’s talk. Together we can figure out a great solution.
  • Clarifying boundaries. Not all customers are right (at least not all the time).  That noted, every customer who reaches out deserves our respect. We listen, and you will know we hear you. We may teach a tad from experience (e.g., when dressing, put jewelry on last.) to help you avoid those oops situations.

  • Delighting when we make you happy.   

Service isn’t always easy, but it is always the right thing to do. Happy customers are loyal, pretty much forever.  

Our next blog explores how we might offer a truly concierge service. This is an amazing step for us and our collaboration with you. By reading and commenting on the next blog, you will help us shape this step. But first, a grin.   



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