My Journey


White Orchid Studio creations look different because I'm not a traditional jeweler. My journey began when my mom offered one loving lesson after another. She taught me to create couture-level clothing from fine fabrics (e.g., garments constructed of 72 pieces or more. Don’t ask me why 72 sticks in my memory, except I’m betting it was the last garment I made.)

For decades, we searched backroads across 3 southern states for exceptional fabrics at rock bottom prices.  We created beautiful, functional pieces: sensual tops to wear with jeans; timeless work clothes; coats of the softest plaid mohair; and evening wear constructed from 300 yards of lace and beads. Today, highly focused shopping comes naturally. White Orchid Studio customers benefit as I search the world for fabulous gems at the best prices.

Just as I made sure every garment was constructed perfectly, White Orchid Studio pieces reflect the same perfectionism. 

Styling also translates. Like any stylist, I learned to harmonize color, fabric designs, clothing forms and body shapes. Now, my product descriptions offer simple styling tips. 

Before founding the Studio, I retired from a 50-year career as an internationally celebrated conflict consultant. Lessons learned help me fine-tune how I run White Orchid Studio. For example, effective conflict work requires patience, gratitude for human diversity, and careful listening. I encourage customers to describe their dreams for a change in a design or a special piece that is unique to that customer.

New designs emerge.  They rarely just happen. I listen, dream with my customers, and then design, knowing new pieces takes time. My desire is that every piece is special to you.  As example, I designed a black gold surrounding for a fabulous lava pendant using a pattern exclusive to the studio. The pendant has been waiting in a production line for months, thank goodness. Three months after specifying the design, I saw a different pendant nestled in almost three-dimensional leaves. The design for the lava pendant immediately changed from a wonderful concept to astonishing art. Listening, patience, and customer service are embedded in this studio.  Let me help you dream.