Working Values

Peggy Herrman designing fine jewelry in her studio


Two values shape my studio: memorable beauty and giving back. Memorable beauty means I use artistic principles to accessories that stand the test of time.  Gardens, fashion, and fine fabrics draw my attention, inspire details, and shape what you see.  I hope my designs help you easily tell your story, go where you want to go, and gift lovingly.  

Giving back informs everything I do.  All profits go to the Athens Area Community Foundation to underwrite effective nonprofits that help reduce poverty.

Memorable beauty means I

  • translate a loving whisper into a memorable piece of jewelry.  I use artistic principles (e.g., a  theme, movement, balance, contrast, repetition, white space, etc.) to support you as you go into the world to tell your story on any given day.   
  • listen as you describe a piece you would like me to desgn from scratch or adapt from an existing design. New product pages present a design theme alongside variations.  When designs catch your eye and stir your soul, reach out to me through my email peggy@whiteorchidfine  Let's create something meaningful to you or for someone you love.  
  • ensure everything is finished to perfection. 
  • establish a business model of permanence and sustainability, including using your own treasured gems and recycling your precious metals.

Giving back

White Orchid Studio is located in Athens, Georgia, a community of world renowned musicians, visual artists, film and TV stars, sculptors, etc. Yet, creativity exists side-by-side with crushing poverty.

When I began White Orchid Studio, I vowed to assist the small nonprofits that help reduce the impact of poverty.  The Athens Area Community Foundation (AACF) screens nonprofits for functionality while giving them the tools to thrive.  White Orchid Studio assistance within Athens Clarke County depends on the excellence of AACF.

All White Orchid Studio profits now and in the future underwrite the most effective organizations located in Athens. These currently include a low-income housing cooperative, a program that conserves green spaces, mental health and women's health services for people with no insurance, a diaper bank, and an assisted living facility supporting residents who have run out of money. By working through the AACF, support continues even after I am gone. 

Why work through Athens Area Community Foundation? The founder is a personal icon. The CEO is a certified fund-raising executive. The board has always been exceptional. And, as noted, studio funds will help Athens’ residents for decades.

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