Philanthropy V2

White Orchid Studio is passionate about our art. We are equally passionate about giving back locally.

Our workshop exists in an amazing community of internationally recognized artists (e.g., B52’s, Widespread Panic, and REM) encompassing music, the visual arts, poetry, etc. The University of Georgia houses world renowned scientists.

The county landmass is the smallest in the state, and most of that land is not taxed. The result is little support for less visible public services. Traditional services like public housing, hospitals and schools draw vulnerable people to the county. Small social safety net services exist, but high demand couples with that slim tax base to stretch all of these services to the breaking point.

WOS committed from day one to help safety-net nonprofits. We collaborate with an excellent, local community foundation in choosing programs and investing in them. At present our funding goes to mental health services, low-income housing, leadership development for young, high-risk ladies, health services for very low-income women, a support system for poor residents of a safe, senior residential facility. Our most recent gift went to a non-profit providing diapers to young families that can’t afford diapers. As our profits rise, we will invest through our community foundation so our local support will exist in perpetuity.