“I absolutely love the weight and the balance of ear wires. They have already become one of my favorite earrings and ear wires that I own! Please keep on the good work. I am looking forward to your new designs.”

Wing Yan

"Beautiful necklace. It is unique and eye catching. Unboxing was a delightful experience as it was packed in a lovely box tied with a gorgeous ribbon, which emulated the colors in the necklace."


"The earrings were absolutely stunning in the light of day. They were exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much."


"Peggy Herrman's White Orchid Jewelry Studio is either jewelry as art or art as jewelry, this is stringed jewelry composed of gems and pearls from Peggy's relentless collection of "rare", woven with precious metal fittings each carved uniquely to her specifications. No two pieces of jewelry are the same, each tells a story, all of them breathe and purr and call to your heart. The prices range from relief to determination, and, if you plan right, she will create bespoke/custom pieces to bring life to your fantasies. Not unexpectedly, working as her client is an unforgettable pleasure. My wife and I have indulged on multiple occasions, and look forward to the next."


"OMG! The necklace is even lovelier than its picture. It works well with my skin tone: I’m definitely keeping it for myself. I would like to suggest improvements for packaging but, alas, it’s too fabulous. The twisted brown packing paper mesh is perfect. The WO initialized lined necklace box has that expensive vintage vibe that is so appealing. The polishing cloth & note adds a wonderful personal touch. Simple compelling elegance."


"Peggy, thank you...the earrings are beautiful!"


"It was my pleasure to choose a work of art from the many offerings of White Orchid Studio. I chose the stunning Sandstone Canyon earrings with their delicate beauty while also being whimsical and feminine. And that is exactly how I feel when wearing them. You won't be disappointed. As amazing as the photos are, they don't do them justice!"


“My friend in San Francisco absolutely loves the earrings I bought from White Orchid & will be wearing them next week at a bar mitzvah in Boston.”


"The earrings are just beautiful. I love them! Thank you."


"The Tsavorite and Diamond melee on "Knock Your Socks Off" and the Tourmalines on "Possessed" add an extra level of sophistication and originality that I haven't seen before."


"You can’t find a better jeweler/designer. We had some delivery challenges that required that a new bracelet be made. Peggy offered to do so without being asked. We exchanged emails during this process. The final product is stunning. Please feel free to use the White Orchid Studio for the best in quality and service."


"I ordered a White Orchid piece for my wife as a part of our anniversary. Excellent design and craftsmanship, and a fair price. Peggy of White Orchid Studio sails through the acid test of "would you buy from her again? - yes, yes, for sure. Good customer service and wife is very happy with my purchase. Thanks, Peggy"


"Stunning! Already received compliments on my earrings during a zoom call. Came in a lovely box as well! Thank you!"


"I love the necklace. It’s gorgeous. A work of art. I’m proud to be its owner."


"I’ve seen the White Orchid collection, and I am truly impressed, even moved by the combination of design, gems and precious metals used to create these beauties. Each time I see a new artistic item, I want to add it to my jewelry collection. Each piece is an original and worthy of adding to your collection."


"Nobody does pearls like White Orchid Studio."


"I would like to share my experience while wearing my sapphire and prasiolite necklace to a wedding at Martha’s Vineyard. Exquisitely detailed and crafted with precision, it softly glowed in the coastal light and looked prefect on my silk dress."


"I was spending a casual day with my family, wearing blue jeans. My granddaughter insisted I wear my White Orchid Studio earrings. I loved the feeling. Now I know how versatile they are."


"My parents bought me a pair of White Orchid Studio earrings of gold, hessonite garnet, and pearl. I love wearing them with a cream-colored sweater that has accents of the same beautiful russet as the garnet. Everything shines. Thank you White Orchid Studio!"


"...the piece was an unmitigated success. My wife loves it. Thank you very much for all the help in the process."


"Honestly the best pearl earrings on this site (1stdibs) for the price. Great people to work with, very helpful and honest . I recommend them highly. Their work is truly art."