What's in a name?

What's in a name?

My 5 decades as an organic gardener keeps me close to a healthy environment that continually gifts us with all manner of beauty.  Years ago it seemed natural for me to create White Orchid Studio’s parent company: Orchid Ladies.  Orchid Ladies paired exceptional orchids and containers in artistic designs.  Building Orchid Ladies ignited my passion for all manner of orchids, including the white orchid most people experience as the flavoring vanilla.

The Vanilla Orchid

One day, I was creating new arrangements for a private client using white phalaenopses, and the name White Orchid Studio popped into my head.  I almost never ignore brainstorms, so White Orchid Studio became the name of the Studio you now know.  .

white phalaenopses

The name prompted me to consider how a jewelry line might honor orchids including the fun texture of the vanilla bean pod illustrated above and below.  You now see that texture in one of our clasps, rondelles, earwires, and lariates.  With all the white orchids in this world, new inspiration lies just around the corner or up a tropical tree.

 Here is a second image of some vanilla beans.  

Do they look familiar?  I use them in large and small ways throughout the Studio's designs.

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