Romancing our gems: Tourmaline

Traces of iron, and possibly titanium, induce green and blue colors in the gem tourmaline. Manganese produces reds and pinks, and possibly yellows. Some pink and yellow tourmalines might owe their hues to color centers caused by radiation, which can be natural or laboratory-induced.                    

“Paraíba” tourmaline is by far the most valuable, and perhaps the most popular, of all tourmaline gem varieties. Copper is the element responsible for this gorgeous turquoise color. 

White Orchid Studio loves to pop color in our designs with tourmaline. You can see little winks of green tourmaline in our necklace “Possessed.”



We also paired pink tourmaline with white freshwater pearls, garnets and rubies in our bracelet “Charming.”



What fun it is to play in a studio that loves all types of gems.  

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