Romancing Our Gems: Almandine

Romancing Our Gems: Almandine

Almandine is the most common form of Garnet. The term garnet describes a group of several closely related minerals that form important gemstones.  Almandine is a unique member of the garnet group.

Almandine can be opaque; making it unfit for gemstone use.  The less common, transparent to translucent form make fine gemstones. In the gem trade, the term Almandine is rarely used on its own. It is either generically called "Garnet", or "Almandine Garnet".  Almandine Garnet is usually a dark red to reddish brown color.  Almandine Garnet can be found in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, China, Sri Lanka, and India.

Rough almandine

White Orchid Studio loves garnet (of various colors) and especially how the Almandine garnet combines with rubies and pearls for an old world, even a Tuscan or Victorian look.  Our “Charming” bracelet illustrates that look and feel.

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  • Scottie Atkinson

    I enjoyed learning this interesting information about my birthstone.

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