Inspiring Orchids

As you plan for fall, consider if fall’s vibrant colors quicken your creative spirit.

Orchids, especially their amazing patterns of color, inspire me. The cover photo shows a rare Tiger Orchid, the largest variety of orchid in the world.  Plants can weigh up to a ton. They are commonly called the Tiger Orchid because the orchid’s coloring mimics the look of the tigers indigenous to Southeast Asia where both exist.

Tiger Orchid - White Orchid Fine Jewelry

Other orchids originating in South and Central America display similar shades of yellow and burnt umber, and many of them are also commonly called wildcats or tigers, but they are much smaller in size. 

White Orchid Studio loves this color pallet! I hope you enjoy thinking with me as I begin transforming my creative urges into future designs.    

  • given the warm colors of the orchids pictured, I would assume a design that depends on yellow gold.  Do you agree?
  • next, look at the first two gems pictured below.  They are zircon and hessonite garnet.  I think they bring out the best in each other as well as the orchid colors.  What do you think?  Can you see them in a Studio design?

White Orchid Studio gems

  • now let’s compare the look of yellow and orange sapphires shown together.  I think they work too, but my emotions are a little bit different from what I feel looking at the zircon and hessonite. How does the second pairing speak to you?  What are the vibes?  A second design perhaps?

white orchid studio gems

Oh! I just found a strand of chocolate sapphire. Life is good.

Any wonder the Studio loves both orchids and gems? 

And, thank you for enjoying this journey with White Orchid Studio. 

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