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If you search for the term texture in reference to jewelry, you will see that a majority of entries address adding texture to metal.  The rendering below of a White Orchid Studio spacer offers an example as does the image above of one of our artisan clasps, in which not one but three distinct textures can be seen.

We love to garden and appreciate fine fabrics.  White Orchid Studio heeds lessons learned by expanding the idea of texture to bring gems alive by relating one gem to another.

Our necklace, Beautiful Turquoise, lays flat.  But the necklace achieves a quiet drama when turquoise ovals mix with round and thin beads of turquoise, amethyst, and ruby.  Colors pop as our minds embrace differences in texture. This effect is actually similar to a gardening rule of thumb to juxtapose three textures.

Texture also rejoices with White Orchid Studio's necklace: A Little Drama.

Texture | Keishi Pearls

Pops of round red, faceted black ovals, and fringed Mother of pearl create a sense of movement and joy.  Can you see wearing this necklace with black leggings and a long, cream-colored T-shirt or tunic or with your favorite little black dress? What fun!

Texture | Keishi Pearls

We even build texture with gems of the same color palette.  Sunshine on My Shoulder builds a wonderful, stacked necklace out of many shapes of pearl.

Texture | Bracelet


Finally, texture can be achieved in a demure way.  These are small, rice pearls, pink tourmaline, and garnet with a 14kt yellow gold clasp and embellishments.  Consider pairing this bracelet with simple gold earrings, gold bangles, a strand of pearls or pearls and a gold chain. We adore layers of texture and the sense of fun they can create.

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