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Select orchids, often originating in South and Central America, glow in shades of yellow.  White Orchid Studio pays homage to the color. 

Pale yellow in combination with creams is fresh and alive.  We are designing a combo of golden cream pearls, yellow and bronze sapphires, and magical imperial topaz.  Can’t wait to unveil this stunner. 

Clear yellow feels intense to me, like a flair of passion or a sun flare.

Orchid Image

This little oncidium is delicately ribbed with a bronzy red.  The combo feels a little more couture - what do you think? Certain shades of sapphire play nicely with yellow gold.

When you add a touch of pink, you know autumn is around the corner. Feeling a pop of hot and cool at the same time?

Orchid Image

As summer fades into early autumn, clear yellow remains as bronze darkens to almost chocolate.  My challenge when designing is to pair gems with the feelings a flower evokes. 

Orchid Image

My brain says chocolate moonstone (but the echo of gray might be too much). There is also a chocolate hewed sapphire, as well as a clear yellow. And, I just found a strand of chocolate sapphire. Any wonder I love both orchids and gems?  They play together so well.

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